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1930/40's S/H Pianos

Crane and Sons Upright Piano


1950's Upright Crane and Sons Piano,Concert pitch,One previous owner bought from new,fully reconditioned inside and out Overstrung/Underdamper

Windover Piano

Windover Overstrung/Underdamper Upright Piano. Excellent Condition, Brand New Hammer Heads and Damper Felts. Fully Reconditioned and Tuned to Concert Pitch.

S/H Modern Pianos

Kawai TKU-1

Kawai Black Gloss Upright Piano Model TKU-1, Overstrung/Underdamper, casework in good order. Fully Reconditioned and Tuned to A440 Concert Pitch.(Adjustable Stool Included)

A Quality Japanese Piano at a half the price of the Yamaha U1 and U3 

Kawai CX4 Upright Piano


Kawai Upright Piano circa 1986, Makore polyester finish, fully reconditioned and tuned to A440 concert pitch, light touch, rich sound, exceptional quality piano at an affordable price.

Knight Piano

1988 Upright Knight Piano in Light Mahogany French Polish Finish, Overstrung/Underdamper, casework in excellent condition, Fully Reconditioned and tuned to Concert Pitch.

Bentley Upright Piano


Bentley Upright Piano Concert Pitch,Fully Reconditioned Medium Mahogany Casework,British Made Circa 1970.

Baldwin Upright Piano


1970's Upright piano in a Walnut French Polish finish includes practice pedal Fully Reconditioned and Tuned to A440 Concert Pitch

New Pianos

Steinmayer s108


Brand new Steinmayer S108 Black Gloss Finish(in stock),Light Touch,Beautiful sound.Also available in Dark Mahogany & Light Mahogany.

Steinmayer s110

Brand new Steimayer S110 Dark Mahogany Finish(in stock),C


Crown Cut Finish Grain,Brass Castors.Also available in Black Gloss & Light Mahogany.

Nearly New Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha U1


Grade A Yamaha U1A on a 4 million No.

-Brand new Loop Cords,Tapes Etc

-Tuned to A440 Concert Pitch

-Inner workings and casework in exceptional condition like new in appearance, no chips, scratches or blemishes

-Free local delivery

Yamaha U3


Grade A Larger Yamaha U3 on a 2 million No

-Brand new set of Bass Strings,Loop Cords,Tapes Etc

-Tuned to A440 Concert Pitch

- Our stock changes from week to week please call for latest lists

- Delivery is free within Bury St Edmunds and surrounding areas on any New or Yamaha Piano

- If you wish to view any of these pianos or need anymore information please do not hesitate to call

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